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Matcha, your new healthy cocktail

One of my guilty pleasures when it comes to overindulging myself with matcha is to turn it into a cocktail mix. Yes, makes cocktails incredibly bearable.

Over the weekend, a dear friend who was a mixologist taught me how to make a mean matcha cocktail, and man, were the flavors delightful to the palate. Hit me up if you’d like the recipe.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to the bars that set the bar (lol) for my matcha cocktails across my travels. You guys need to try these.

Matcha Do About Nothing @ Gracias Madre in California
Art of Tea’s ceremonial-grade matcha meets tequila blanco, coconut milk, toasted sesame-infused agave tapioca pearls on a scented in savory edamame syrup, lime bitters and a cherry blossom garnish. It has a unique taste of a wheatgrass, far from being just a traditional green tea. Also what the tagline in this blog is inspired by.

Cha-Sen @ Hamasaku in California
An originally rice-based cocktail switched to a barley shochu seasoned in oak barrels to achieve an earthier flavour. Deliciously twisted with matcha paired well with a discernable almond smokiness, and is grain flavoured. Other ingredients include egg white (weird but surprisingly worked out), cream, lemon and simple syrup.

Matcha Bees Knees @ Ramen-San in Chicago
A grassy-sweet cocktail that’s a pleasant combination of matcha, aromatic yuzu bourbon, lemon and honey. It incorporates the earthy, bitter taste of matcha into a gentle and healthy beverage through mixing it with an equally natural ingredient, sweet bee’s honey.

Matcha-Man Mai Tai  @ Fig Restaurant in California
A uniquely purposed day-friendly kind of Mai Tai. Actually meant to be enjoyed during daytime anyway. Matcha drinks are conventionally made with alternative soy and almond milk, so the bartender created a coconut orgeat which brings on the X Factor.

Little Trouble in Big China @ Le Mal Nécessaire in Montreal
A cocktail made out of Bombay east citrus, Aperol, a grenadine of Chicha Morada and pinch of a salted Matcha tea. Added with drops of salt to delight guests.

Matcha Mule @ Forge Lounge in Seattle
Cocktail made out of vodka infused with matcha, lime and Cock ‘n Bull ginger beer. This was an accident creation from bartender Bradfor’s ginger ale mishap in Japan, a misfortune that actually led to incredible fortune. In describing it he said, “The ginger is sharp and biting and the matcha has that nice earthy tone and the contrast is great in glass together”.

Let me know if you guys find other cool stuff. To be fair, I was in KL just that weekend and finding liquor at the last minute wasn’t that easy (as you know, it’s a Muslim country) but after some Googling, I found these guys who were willing to deliver it to me immediately. They’re an online liquor delivery store and were pretty efficient.

Till then, bottom’s up!

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