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Some reliable online tea shops

Had a hard time surfing across the web searching for a safe and trusty online tea store? No worries.

Let me take you on an extraordinary journey across my favourite online tea shops. But before that, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. If you prefer the higher tier tea, get loose tea. Blends and tea bags are lower tier.

2. Keep tea dry, always, to prolong storage life. This also applies to keeping it away from odor and heat.

3. Loose tea is pretty easy to identify. If it’s sold by ounces or grams, then voila! I generally see¬†2 oz as a minimum online.

Silver Needle Tea Co.
All of the teas from this shop are come directly from tea farms. They only sell pure tea. No blends available. Not to mention, great tea packaging.
My fave: Their white tea.

Do you want organic tea? This shop is your best choice. They also interestingly blend turmeric and organic maquie berries.
My fave: Their Patagonia Wild Guava, which is a zero-caffeine blend.

A Japanese tea company that has been selling their highly-esteemed matcha for nearly three centuries already. Yes, centuries, you read that right.
My fave: Matcha. What else? Got my first matcha kit from this shop.

In Pursuit of Tea
Established since 1999, their teas are all directly sourced from tea farms and can be frequently seen on various menus.
My fave: Everything’s pretty good, just give it all a go.

Tillerman Tea
Taiwanese tea! Oolong! Can’t go wrong with this one.
My fave: Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong is the bomb.

If you know of any other reliable tea vendors, feel free to comment below! I’m always up for the next best “t(ea)hing”.

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