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Sydney’s Matcha Spots

I previously covered some matcha spots in Perth, and now it’s time for some Sydney.

Sydney’s Earth to Table
A popular hang for the health-conscious. Aside from the usual healthy offerings, they serve flavorful matcha lattes that you can order hot or cold. One of their bestsellers is the ‘Give Me Vitality’ drink which is a delicious iced drink with a blend of almond milk, ice and matcha. On colder days, you can also try their ‘Green matcha latte’ together with a cup of steaming hot almond milk.

Sydney’s Chanoma Cafe
If you are craving a mindblowing matcha journey, the place to be is the Chanoma Café located in Sydney. Here, you will find yourself with the finest authentic Japanese matcha options which comes in different forms. This café takes on a Japanese feel offering a variety of lunch meals on their menu. But the main must-have items on their list are their matcha drinks and ice creams. You are definitely going to have a hard time deciding what you’d want to order because of the many options available.

Sydney’s Pure Wholefoods
If you ever find yourself at the heart of Manly, a local café that offers healthy, delicious beverages and foods is the place to go. Their menu is filled with tons of health-conscious dishes ranging from acai bowls, to breakfast burritos to vegan muffins. Their bestseller is their matcha latte that you can order with almond, coconut, soy or cow’s milk on the side. Their matcha latte will surely keep you energized and warm throughout your day. Just 2 minutes away from the beach, this family-managed café is always jam-packed with people.

Sydney’s Sprout Wholefood
This café offers you wholefoods that go with your paleo diet. Serving a wide range of organic beverages, you can order different types of drinks from hot choc to dandelion lattes to organic coffee. Their delicious matcha latte is definitely one of their bestsellers, so while waiting for your order try some of their bestselling snacks as well.

Let me know if you have other recommendations in the comments below!

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