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Where to Find Matcha: What’s HOT in Hong Kong?

Here in Hong Kong and their matcha scene is insanely kicking! I can’t ask for more. So here’s my top pick of the best green tea cafes in Hong Kong for you!

1. Nakamura Tokichi Hong Kong Ten
The 161-year-old brand owned by the Nakamura family has been satisfying the cravings of matcha lover ever since they hit town.
With HK $98 you can have a taste of their best sellers, the maruto matcha parfait, and the kyo no fukiyose. Aside from running the cafe, they also have a workshop about the Art of Grinding Tea (which was completely irresistable) for only HK $50.

2. Fairy Tale Cafe
Run by 32-year old owner and head chef, Karl Yiu Ka-ho, who makes all the recipes. The must try in their menu are red bean matcha roll (HK$36), matcha bavarois (HK$53). The latest food on the menu is Autumn (HK$58), a matcha parfait.

3. Kale
After Hero Leung Hei-noh (22), graduated from the Chinese University, she co-founded the restaurant with Brian Christopher Aguilar, 30, a Filipino. Kale is more of a healthy and nutritious type of cafe, so it is not the first one to pop in mind when you talk about desserts. They released Matchalo (HK$58), a Filipino-inspired dessert, and it’s worth a try.

4. Sense Dessert Cafe
Known as the first place in the city to serve little desserts, the bright idea of the Poon brothers – Ricky, Joe, and Jan, has been continuously gaining popularity in this field.
The most famous treat in their menu is the tiramisu (HK $45) that comes in three flavors: original, white chocolate and matcha.

5. Hiroshi
Next on our list is Hiroshi, a perfect place for matcha lovers. Owned by 71-year old Ouchi Hiroshi, the cafe is very known for its sweet treats.
The best seller is matcha cake roll (HK$30). Also, you can try chiffon (HK$30), and the green tea parfait (HK$44).

6. Sinmei Tea
32-year-old owner and founder, Cheung Sin Mei, who’s also known as the Tea Lady for her avid love of tea, has been in this industry for more than 15 years. Talk about veteran.
There are many items on their menu that is worth the try, one is the matcha sizzling brownie (HK$78), and they also have matcha angel cake (HK$40). The latest item on their menu, watermelon tea lover (HK$60). This was my definite favourite in town.

Know any others? Let me know below!

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